A Plunge Into Space by Robert Cromie

Written by Robert Cromie in 1890, S&Co. is proud to present our first ever Save the SciFi ebook release. 

A Plunge into Space was first printed in 1890 and continuously reprinted until 1910, earning the enthusiastic plaudits of Jules Verne. On the return trip they discover a stowaway --a Martian girl. The life-support systems of the ship cannot accommodate and extra passenger, and each crew member has some essential skill for bringing the ship safely to earth. The drama builds with enormous tension to a fateful climax as the girl becomes the key to life -- or death -- for the space voyagers.

This edition features a foreword by Jules Verne, the only foreword that Verne ever wrote.

A Plunge into Space.png

Space Train by Terrence Haile


Suggested to us by none other than Neil Gaiman, Singularity&Co. is pleased to present Space Train by Terrence Haile

First published in 1962, Space Train an exemplary product of its time, and of the explosion of scifi that began flooding the UK in the postwar era. It all tended to be rather mild-mannered, even when things were going horribly wrong: very English. It’s an incredibly fun field trip to a simpler time, when men were men, women were little girls who didn’t understand engines (to be fair, a lot of the men apparently didn’t understand them either), everyone trusted their neighbors, and everything works out all right in the end—even if you go rocketing off out of the Earth’s atmosphere in what is essentially a souped-up Amtrak. Space Train is literally a blast from the past, and a really interesting glimpse into the mindset of the place and time it comes from.